Change Log


Using 404 Finder

Using 404 Finder couldn't be simpler. Just embed the snippet below on your 404 page and 404 Finder will do the rest! This is a must have plugin to keep track of where you users are running into errors on your website.

404 Finder also provides the ability to mark 404 errors as ignored to hide them from your 404 error list. 404 errors will also record the IP address associated with the 404 error, user agent info and a history table of when the 404 errors occurred.

Just Updated! (3/7/16)

404 Finder is updated to work with Craft 2.5! This plugin has been updated to work with the Craft element record and table format. We also optimized our history table for better performance and reduced table size.

Get started

To get started with 404 Finder, embed the following variable on your 404 error page between your block content areas.

{{ craft.fourFinder.record }}

Please note: For those upgrading from v1.11 (or earlier) to v2.0 you must uninstall the plugin before installing the new version.